TaytayMerch is a slow fashion brand inspired by nature and music. We are committed to creating a Swifties community built on knitting, where everything is warm and soft. With wool cardigan our spirit medium, each Swiftie can establish a connection through our knitting creations, akin to “Tsahaylu.” Notes flow on the wool, and knitted fabrics create everything that makes you feel comfortable.
At the same time, we firmly believe that ethical production and environmental responsibility are the cornerstones of our long-term vision. Making durable knitted works with heart, so that every wardrobe will always have a TaytayMerch cardigan, is the proud soul of our community. Thank you for accompanying us on this long journey.


Our story begins with a knit cardigan.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rocket Wu and Erin Chen found healing in Taylor Swift’s melodies.Erin, a collector of Taylor merch, stumbled upon the folklore cardigan on eBay. Although the high price of $400 disappointed her, she felt drawn to it—a necessary comfort in the cold, uncertain times.
The search for an affordable version led nowhere. It wasn’t just Erin; there was a whole community of Swifties longing for the same thing. That’s when Rocket had a lightbulb moment: Why not make their own folklore cardigan? They had the perfect resource—Erin’s mother’s tailor shop, a town fixture for the last 20 years. Leveraging the shop, they embarked on a creative journey.
They didn’t expect what happened next! When they shared their creation with the online community, the response was overwhelming. Swifties from all over asked Erin and Rocket to help them make a folklore cardigan. But they faced a dilemma—the cost of producing these cardigans was very high, and it took a lot of manual labor. Producing just 12 cardigans took a full 2 months. Ultimately, Erin and Rocket decided to offer the cardigans to Swifties at cost. They didn’t want the cardigans to become luxury items; they wanted them to be accessible to all Swifties.


Erin emphasized that TaytayMerch has always been attentive, incorporating feedback from its dedicated followers. By tuning into the desires of these followers and crafting a collection inspired by music.It’s more than just merchandise,it’s about cultivating a lifestyle and fostering a community immersed in Taylor’s aesthetic.
As Rocket and Erin reflect on their journey, they recognize the magic they’ve created. They’re thrilled to cater to every swiftie and take immense pride in shaping this unique aesthetic lifestyle. Their dream has materialized, and the brand they’ve nurtured transcends mere clothing—it represents a lifestyle.
In an era dominated by mass production, Taytaymerch sets itself apart with an unwavering commitment to originality and independent craftsmanship. Much like Taylor’s Fearless melodies, every product is meticulously crafted. For us, quality isn’t just a slogan; it’s a commitment.
Taytaymerch: a brand born from a swiftie’s vision, for every swiftie.




The journey was far from easy. The duo invested significant time and resources in customizing unique acrylic buttons, mastering the Tajima embroidery machine, and sourcing the finest silver embroidery threads. Their pursuit of the purest cream yarn even led them to a local dyeing workshop. Each step posed challenges, particularly for those new to the world of knitwear.

As demand from the Swiftie community surged, Taytaymerch’s handcrafted approach struggled to keep pace. The solution? Partnering with local producers known for their embroidery prowess and expertise in small-batch sweater manufacturing. The Taytaymerch team’s commitment to quality remained steadfast, with daily visits to the factory ensuring adherence to their high standards. Even now, only tailors with more than five years of experience are trusted to knit and stitch the cardigans, ensuring durability and excellence, regardless of the associated costs.

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic eventually gave way to stability in production, allowing Taytaymerch to collaborate with local designers. Designer Nicole recalls, “When I learned of Erin and Rocket’s bold vision from a small town, I was inspired to join them. I wanted to be a part of Taytaymerch, immersing myself in this distinctive aesthetic community.”

Nicole has contributed designs like the ‘Midnights Cardigan,’ ‘Lover Cardigan,’ and ‘Speak Now Cardigan.’ Each Taylor-inspired design presented unique challenges, stretching the creative limits of the team.



To better listen to Swifties’ needs, Taytaymerch set up a WhatsApp social group to share the latest product designs, solve order problems, and provide huge website discount coupons in the community every week. Isn’t the best community one where everyone can participate and have fun?
Taytaymerch resonated with Swifties on social media! As the world hummed the tune of “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” Taytaymerch launched a 24-hour, limited-time 15% discount on merchandise to celebrate this iconic release.
Fans and followers further expanded the brand’s influence on TikTok. Swifties from all corners showed off their Taytaymerch collections, shared their stories, and celebrated their shared love for Taylor Swift.